Who are we?

We are a group of University of Cincinnati students who decided we didn't want to wait for the future, but change it instead. We are creators, innovators, engineers, and more importantly, meme lovers.

We have proven success.

We have been designing Hyperloops for the SpaceX Hyperloop competition for over 6 years. With multiple top 20 placements, and even a top 10 placement, we have shown the world what Cincinnati can do.

Our New Mission

Our team has decided to take the next step in designing the future, tunnel boring. Tunnel boring has crucial tangencies with hyperloops as these tunnels may be the avenue of choice for hyperloops. We are working on designing and creating a scaled version of a tunnel boring machine to compete in the upcoming Boring Company competition. We strongly believe in the merits of this project and are excited to bring this technology to the forefront. We are confident our expertise in technology and design will translate over to this new project as well.

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Want to Chat?

Whether you have a question about our team, our design, or want to see how we are doing, no matter what it is, do not hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to chat with people that are as passionate about the future as us.