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VectorNav Supporter Highlight

We would like to thank our sponsor VectorNav Technologies for providing Hyperloop UC with a VN-100 inertial measurement unit! Thanks to their generous support, our team is able to design and build a robust navigation system for our TBM.

The VN-100 contains a magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope, all in a compact, convenient package, allowing for easy deployment aboard our TBM. This device, in conjunction with the rest of our navigation system, will perform the crucial role of providing the orientation of the TBM’s cutterhead, which consists of roll, pitch, and yaw. Furthermore, the VN-100 IMU acceleration data can be integrated to provide the velocity and position of the machine’s cutterhead. Collectively, this sensor feedback will be used to localize our cutterhead, allowing us to properly steer the TBM to its target destination.

We believe that the Hyperloop is the ultimate mode of transportation that will one day help millions of people. By competing in SpaceX’s and The Boring Company’s competitions, we are redefining transportation and mobility, all while pushing innovation to the limits to make the Hyperloop into reality. With your help, you can be a part of the Hyperloop journey and make the future a brighter place with endless opportunities with the Hyperloop. 

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